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Family Scapegoat Abuse (FSA) is insidious - Most adult survivors suffer in silence and isolation:
Do You Suffer From FSA?

Rebecca ('R.C.') Mandeville, licensed Psychotherapist and Family Systems expert, is a pioneer in researching, identifying, defining, and describing what she terms 'Family Scapegoat Abuse' (FSA). Read her new eBook, 'The Invisible Wounds of the Family Scapegoat', to learn more about the signs and symptoms resulting from FSA.

  • Although her Scapegoat Recovery private practice is currently full (with a waiting list), Rebecca is now offering an INTENSIVE TWO-HOUR CONSULTATION to help those who feel 'stuck' in their recovery from Family Scapegoat Abuse (FSA). Contact her at scapegoatrecovery@gmail.com to learn more. Write 'Get Unstuck' in the subject line of your email.

  • If you'd like to be added to Rebecca's 'Scapegoat Recovery Life Coaching' Waiting List, contact her at scapegoatrecovery@gmail.com and write 'WAITING LIST' in the subject line of your email..

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