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Read the first book ever written on Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA)

Preview Rebecca’s best-selling book on FSA on U.S. Amazon (Kindle version) or purchase from Amazon or your favorite online book retailer using the Buy the Book button below.

Family Scapegoat Book Fsa Rebecca

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Scroll down to see what reader’s are saying about the first book written on the insidious systemic phenomenon Rebecca named Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA) via her pioneering research.

What Readers of Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed are Saying…

Important Book – A Must Read!

This is an excellent book for FSA adult survivors and Mental Health practitioners. The author shares her extensive experience working with and studying toxic families and how to recover from the experience. This book is a must have for anyone treating those from dysfunctional families or family members themselves.

~ – Melissa Petty, LMSW

This Book Is a Life Saver!

As a family systems therapist and a recovery coach specializing in toxic and emotionally immature relational dynamics, I thought I had read everything there was on the subject of toxic parenting. And yet, there was always something missing- no one had written a book detailing the insidious psychological trauma that results from being a family scapegoat.

~ Amazon Reviewer (Therapist and FSA Adult Survivor)

At Last It Has a Name!

Your book offers healing that I thought would never be possible! I’m so thankful to the author – Finally what I’ve been suffering from for years has a name and I at last know what I am needing and wanting to recover from.

~ YouTube Subscriber and FSA Adult Survivor

About Rebecca C. Mandeville

Rebecca coined the now widely used terms Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA) and Family Scapegoat Trauma (FST) as a result of her Family Systems research and her two decades of clinical experience treating adult survivors of this poorly understood form of ‘invisible’ (psycho-emotional) systemic abuse. She is also the creator of the FSA Recovery Coaching process℠. Her research-based FSA Questionnaire is now used by researchers and clinicians all over the world. For example, currently her questionnaire is being used in Zambia in relation to a peer-reviewed academic research project occurring there on family scapegoating dynamics affecting Zambian University students.

Rebecca Mandeville Fsa

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