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Rebecca C. Mandeville, Founder of Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA) Education™

Rebecca C Mandeville Fsa Scapegoat Expert

Rebecca C. Mandeville, MACP, LMFT, CCTP

Licensed Clinician; Certified Complex Trauma Treatment Professional; Researcher, Author, YouTube Health Partner; Founder of FSA Education

Rebecca coined the now widely used terms Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA) and Family Scapegoat Trauma (FST) as a result of her Family Systems research and her two decades of clinical experience treating adult survivors of this poorly understood form of ‘invisible’ (psycho-emotional) systemic abuse. She is also the creator of the FSA Recovery Coaching process℠. Her research-based FSA Questionnaire is now used by researchers and clinicians all over the world. For example, currently her questionnaire is being used in Zambia in relation to a peer-reviewed academic research project occurring there on family scapegoating dynamics affecting Zambian University students.

In her role as a YouTube Health Partner, Rebecca is also the host of Beyond Family Scapegoating Abuse, an online educational platform created for both FSA adult survivors and clinicians. Learn more about Rebecca’s academic and professional background by visiting her LinkedIn page.

Most recently Rebecca founded the FSA Education Community, a private (paid/subscription) online community that provides peer-support and a variety of resources for adult survivors of FSA as well as interested Mental Health professionals and researchers. Learn more about this new community here.

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