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NEW! Single-Session Consultations

I regret that I am no longer accepting requests for weekly sessions as the waiting list has become prohibitively long. At this time, I offer only Single-Session Consultations, as described below:

As a thought leader and clinical expert in what I named Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA), the waiting list for my weekly FSA Recovery Coaching sessions has become prohibitively long. My solution to this problem is to offer Single-Session Consultations (SSC) to FSA Adult Survivors who can benefit from this type of service and support. Currently there is a 4 – 6 week waiting list for the SSC.

About Single-Session Consultations (SSC)

Research suggests that adults can benefit from just one session of goal-directed counseling or consultation with a qualified expert. These benefits have been observed for a wide array of problems, including interpersonal conflicts, and are therefore appropriate for Adult Survivors of FSA.

My Single-Session Consultations are a collaborative, solution focused, results-oriented and systematic process whereby I as the consultant provide expertise in supporting FSA Recovery while providing insight into your particular family situation and recovery process.

What You Can Expect: Recovery Coaching and Consulting, like therapy, can have benefits and risks. Discussing unpleasant aspects of your life, may bring up uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, and helplessness. Single-Session Consultations provide the greatest benefit when you have identified goals or have clear ideas about what you are hoping to get out of a single session with me. You are welcome to book additional SSCs to continue our work together if you have additional goals you’d like my help realizing.

There are no guarantees that a Single-Session Consultation will yield positive or intended results. On the other hand, my FSA Recovery Coaching and Consulting services have been shown to have tremendous benefits for those FSA Adult Survivors I have worked with. These benefits can include a significant reduction in feelings of distress, greater personal awareness and insight, increased skills for managing stress, resolutions to specific family problems, and the ability to recognize trauma triggers and appropriately take care of yourself to ensure your own well-being. If you have questions about my processes, we should discuss them whenever they arise.

My Single-Session Consultation rate is $350.00 USD. A single-session consultation is 90 minutes long. I also spend a significant amount of time carefully reviewing a comprehensive FSA assessment form you will fill out in advance of your session.

Take the next step toward your recovery from family scapegoating abuse:

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