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Single-Session FSA Recovery Coaching℠ Consultations

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Thank you for your interest in my 90-minute Single-Session offering. As of March 2024 my waiting list is FULL – There is currently a one-year wait for my Single-Session Consultation (SSC) service. Please check back in 3 months (July 2024) to see if my waiting list is open. If you are a licensed Clinician or Certified Trauma Informed Coach, you may still sign up to my Clinicians/Coaches Waiting List by emailing my Administrative Assistant at:

New to my work on Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA)? I encourage you to read my book, ‘REJECTED, SHAMED, AND BLAMED‘.

Definitely the most important 90-minutes of my life. For the first time ever, I felt 100% seen, heard, and validated in regard to what happened to me in my family and the consequences of being in the scapegoat role. I released a lot of emotion but Rebecca also made sure that we addressed where I am at in my recovery and important next steps I might want to take to continue to progress and heal. Very grateful I had the opportunity to meet personally with her. I feel I’m firmly on the path of recovering from FSA now.

Britney W.

SSC VIDEO SESSION SERVICE – Single-Session Consultation (SSC): The SSC is 90-minutes long. The session rate is $350.00, which includes the time I spend carefully reviewing a comprehensive FSA questionnaire you will fill out prior to the session. In an SSC, I am practicing as a Trauma-Informed COACH and CONSULTANT, NOT as a licensed Psychotherapist (I am licensed to treat California residents only). Therefore, the SSC service will not qualify for insurance coverage or reimbursement. I am NOT able to offer legal advice; serve as a court expert; diagnose you or family members; nor do I address ‘gang stalking’ or ‘global crime and scapegoating’ issues.

Rebecca C. Mandeville

The Benefits of a Single-Session Consultation (SSC)

Versus ‘funneling’ you into a generic online course that may or may not address your actual needs, my Trauma-informed and Family Systems-informed Single-Session Consultations ensure that you are provided with clinically sound information, feedback, insights, suggestions, and recommendations specific to your family situation and/or FSA recovery process. You are also welcome to schedule 50-minute follow-up sessions after your first SSC. I suggest you first read my best-selling book on what I named ‘family scapegoating abuse’ (FSA), Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed. Please note that an SSC is NOT for urgent / crisis situations. Scroll down to learn more.

Research suggests that adults can benefit from just one session of goal-directed coaching, counseling or consultation with a qualified expert. These benefits have been observed for a wide array of problems, including interpersonal conflicts, and are therefore appropriate for Adult Survivors of FSA.

My Single-Session Consultations are a collaborative, solution focused, results-oriented and systematic process whereby I as a Trauma-Informed Coach serving in a non-licensed consulting role provide expertise in supporting FSA Recovery while providing insight into your particular family situation and recovery process.

Rebecca was able to help me quickly identify my core issues and was able to reflect back to me where I was at in my recovery from family scapegoating abuse. She also provided me new ways of seeing and understanding my family-of-origin dynamics. She also helped me create a road-map for my healing that was tailored precisely to my actual needs, which I found to be incredibly valuable.

– Mark P.

What You Can Expect: A Single-Session Consultation (SSC) can have benefits and risks. Discussing unpleasant aspects of your life, may bring up uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, and helplessness. Single-Session Consultations provide the greatest benefit when you have identified goals or have clear ideas about what you are hoping to get out of a single session with me. You are welcome to book additional SSCs to continue our work together if you have additional goals you’d like my help realizing. All sessions take place via the secure Video platform, Simple Practice.

Rebecca made sure she understood my needs both before and during the session. I felt like my questions were addressed in a thorough and thoughtful way. I highly recommend Rebecca and her SSC service!

Nancy G.

There are no guarantees that a Single-Session Consultation will yield positive or intended results. On the other hand, my FSA Recovery Coaching services have been shown to have tremendous benefits for those FSA Adult Survivors I have worked with. These benefits can include a significant reduction in feelings of distress, greater personal awareness and insight, increased skills for managing stress, resolutions to specific family problems, and the ability to recognize trauma triggers and appropriately take care of yourself to ensure your own well-being. If you have questions about my processes, we should discuss them whenever they arise.

I felt seen, heard, and validated during my Single-Session Consultation with Rebecca. Being able to speak with a professional who has so much knowledge and insight about family scapegoating felt like such a relief. She literally wrote the book on FSA! For the first time I wasn’t having to spend time and energy attempting to explain what had happened to me in my family – Rebecca literally wrote the defining work on this form of abuse!

Molly B.

Experienced working in a confidential manner with high-profile / public figures. If you are a licensed therapist / clinician you will be prioritized on the SSC Waiting List.

(My waiting list is closed. Please check back in July 2024): Take the next step toward your recovery from family scapegoating abuse (FSA):

I do not use 3rd-party Contact forms to protect against possible privacy breaches. Your SSC request email may be read by my Administrative Assistant, April Jennings, and will be kept private and confidential. The email service I use is encrypted and secure. You may contact me at:

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