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Scapegoating and the Family Projective Identification Process (New Video)

Welcome to all of our new subscribers!

We have a wonderful community forming on my new YouTube channel, Beyond Family Scapegoating Abuse – nearly 600 new subscribers since publishing my first video last month and I appreciate the comments and positive engagement as we explore a difficult subject.

This note is to alert you that I have published a new video: Do Family Members Always Know They Are Scapegoating You?

In this video, I share the Family Systems perspective on family scapegoating processes, which is based on decades of research on dysfunctional families and the family ‘Identified Patient’ role.

You’ll also learn more about the Family Projective Identification Process, which fuels and supports scapegoating at its most extreme, resulting in family scapegoating abuse (FSA).

Hope to see you there!

– Rebecca C. Mandeville, LMFT, CCTP

Watch my latest video here

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