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#DoneWithFSA (New Hashtag on Twitter)

Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA
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Are you on Twitter? I don’t post much there, but I’ve been so moved by all of your comments on my latest post, Learn To Be Done, that I started the hashtag #DoneWithFSA on my pinned post created today.

If you’d like to help raise other people’s awareness, I invite you to visit my Twitter feed and let your voice be heard! Retweet my pinned post and consider sharing what you’re done with in regard to family scapegoating abuse (FSA). Be sure to include the hashtag #DoneWithFSA when you retweet with your comment. I’d love it if you followed me there as well. Together, we can make a difference!


About Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA

Rebecca C. Mandeville coined the research-supported terms 'family scapegoating abuse' (FSA) and 'family scapegoat trauma' (FST) and is a recognized thought leader in understanding the consequences of being in the family 'identified patient' or 'scapegoat' role. Her best-selling book, 'Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed', is the first book ever written on FSA. Rebecca is now working on a book of reflections with affirmations to support adult survivors in their FSA recovery. Rebecca serves as a YouTube Health Partner via her channel Beyond Family Scapegoating Abuse and is also active on Instagram and Facebook.

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