What Is Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA)?

It’s been very rewarding to see that therapists and Mental Health clinics are now adopting the term family scapegoating abuse and releasing articles on FSA to educate others. I will continue to speak out on family scapegoating abuse whenever I am asked as I advocate for those whose psycho-emotional health has been negatively impacted by this form of systemically-driven psycho-emotional abuse. Below are my answers to five questions I am frequently asked about FSA:

Scapegoat Recovery and Recognizing Damaging Unspoken Family Rules

A Warm Welcome to Our New Subscribers! During this time while I am serving as a care-giver to a loved one following major surgery, I’ll be posting videos on subscriber questions and suggested topics as this takes less time than writing articles. All of the below videos have closed captions – which I double-check to…

FSA Updates as We Enter a New Year…

Beginning a new year provides an opportunity to release what no longer serves us, which allows us to both embrace and pursue what now does. Many of my FSA recovery coaching clients have shared with me that they are experiencing a mix of both grief and hope as they enter 2023 – and also a sense of relief – as they accept and release painful family realities and

Online Speaker Summit: Access Top-Notch Interviews (Including Mine) – For Free!

I’m pleased to be able to offer you free access to a series of interviews from an online conference I participated in hosted by Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark. Although this virtual conference has a Women’s Midlife theme, many of the speakers and topics may be of interest to subscribers of my FSA Education blog.

Scapegoating in Dysfunctional versus Narcissistic Family Systems, Podcast, and Holidays

Andrea Ashley and I have been getting some terrific feedback on the podcast we did recently on her show, Adult Child Podcast. I know some of you have been waiting for it to be available on YouTube. Parts One and Two of the interview are now posted there, with closed captions and chapter segments to make searching through the content easier ( the chapters are available in each video’s description).

“Why Do I Seem to Get Scapegoated Wherever I Go?

New Vlog Release – and announcing a new series on YouTube on my new Beyond Family Scapegoating Abuse Channel, Subscriber Question of the Week: This week’s subscriber question is, “Why do I seem to find myself in the ‘scapegoat’ role wherever I go?”

Scapegoating and the Family Projective Identification Process (New Video)

Welcome to all of our new subscribers! We have a wonderful community forming on my new YouTube channel, Beyond Family Scapegoating Abuse – nearly 600 new subscribers since publishing my first video last month and I appreciate the comments and positive engagement as we explore a difficult subject. ‘This note is to alert you that…

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