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3rd Edition (PDF) 120-pages (see Table of Contents, below): ‘The Scapegoat’ is one of the roles assigned to a child growing up in a dysfunctional family system. Because family scapegoating processes can be insidious and subtle, many adult survivors do not realize that they are suffering from a most egregious (and often chronic) form of systemically-driven psycho-emotional abuse

Children and adult children who are caught in the ‘family scapegoat’ role are the ‘identified patient’ in their family. They are often the targets of ‘shaming and blaming’, distorted family narratives (aka ‘smear campaigns’) and can end up rejected and discarded by those that were supposed to love them the most: Their own family-of-origin. 

Despite the fact that the ‘family scapegoat’ role is common to dysfunctional families, there is surprisingly little research or literature available to both lay-person and clinician describing family scapegoating’s features and effects on the targeted child / adult child. As a result, scapegoating a child / adult child is seldom recognized as abuse warranting clinical intervention and treatment.

In this insightful and informative introductory guide, the author defines and describes what she named (for research purposes) Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA) – A specific type of abuse with unique, identifiable features that distinguishes it from Narcissistic Abuse.

Topics covered in this introductory guide to understanding family scapegoating abuse (FSA) include:

  • Recognizing How FSA Interrelates with C-PTSD 
  • Betrayal Trauma
  • Social Isolation
  • Disenfranchised Grief
  • ‘Toxic’ Shame
  • The Empath as Scapegoat
  • The Trauma  Response of ‘Fawning’
  • Releasing False Family Narratives
  • Reclaiming Your True Nature
  • An Overview of FSA Recovery Concepts

*The author’s research-based Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA) Self-Test is also included.

**Clinicians and Coaches may also find this introductory eBook helpful.

3rd Edition – New Content

Review (from Facebook): “Excellent and informative. I’m so glad I came across your existence. Your material and insight is changing my life. Thank you so much. Great read. First ebook I’ve read and completed in one sitting” -J.H.

About the Author: Rebecca C. Mandeville is a licensed Psychotherapisttrauma-informed Recovery Coach, and an internationally recognized Family Systems expert. She served as Core Faculty at the world-renowned Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, where she began identifying, defining, describing, and bringing attention to what she later named (for research purposes) Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA)

Rebecca currently serves clients in her online Psychotherapy and Recovery Coaching practices and continues to research and write on the unique challenges ‘Adult Survivors’ face when attempting to heal and recover from the trauma of FSA.

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– Rebecca C. Mandeville, MACP, MHRS, MFT

About Rebecca

Rebecca C. Mandeville

Rebecca C. Mandeville, MACP, MHRS, LMFT, has been serving clients in her private practice as a Psychotherapist and Recovery Coach since 2006. She specializes in helping ‘Adult Survivors’ recover from the negative effects of being raised in dysfunctional / abusive family systems.

Rebecca also served as Core Faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology for several years, where she first began defining and describing what she later named (for research purposes) Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA).

Today Rebecca focuses on helping family scapegoating abuse survivors navigate the unique challenges they face via her online practice and written offerings.

Visit Rebecca’s website to learn more about family scapegoating abuse and recovery and/or to purchase Rebecca’s introductory eBook on FSA.