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A much needed adjunct to the Family Systems model. Validating for those who have been impacted by family scapegoating dynamics. Mandeville gives a solid pathway for recovering from this kind of abuse. Recommended for professional and laypeople.

– Shellie Krick, MSW

Were you bullied or rejected by a parent, sibling, or other relative growing up? Have you ever been the target of a ‘smear’ campaign by immediate or extended family and been left feeling frustrated and confused? Have you tried to reach out for help and support and been told, “Just get over it, it’s your family, it can’t be that bad”?

In Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed, Psychotherapist Rebecca C. Mandeville provides a means of understanding why dysfunctional families scapegoat one of their own and helps you to release the painful, damaging ‘scapegoat story’ for good.

An internationally recognized Family Systems expert, the author explores the roots of family scapegoat dynamics and how the scapegoated adult survivor can free themselves from ‘false family narratives‘ and become the author of their own lives. Via psycho-education, self-assessment tools, and practical steps and strategies, she describes a way out of the ‘scapegoat trap‘ for those who are ready to leave it for good. In these pages you’ll discover:

  • How to determine if you’re the ‘family scapegoat’
  • Why scapegoated individuals have difficulty finding help
  • How complex trauma (C-PTSD), and ‘toxic shame’ impede recovery
  • Why the family ‘Empath’ can end up scapegoated
  • How to establish boundaries if your trauma response is ‘fawning’
  • How to recognize false family narratives
  • How to recover and realign with your ‘true self’

This life is the only one you’ll have, and your story is precious and unique. If you’re struggling to understand family scapegoat dynamics and want to recover and reclaim your ‘true self’ identity, this book’s for you.

– FSA Self-Assessment is included.

– Clinicians and Coaches may also find this introductory eBook helpful.

The FSA Educational Community is available to those who have read my book, Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed. As the community is based on concepts outlined in this book, reading it is a requirement to access the free membership areas. You can find the link to join the FSA Educational Community in the book’s ‘Afterward’. 

About the Author: Rebecca C. Mandeville was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has been serving clients in her Psychotherapy and Recovery Coaching practices for the past twenty years. She served as Core Faculty at the world-renowned ‘Institute of Transpersonal Psychology‘, where she first began to identify, describe, and define what she later named ‘Family Scapegoating Abuse’ (FSA). A recognized expert in her field, Rebecca writes regularly on her ‘Psych Central‘ blog about recovering from dysfunctional family systems and scapegoating’s effects on individuals, organizations, and institutions.

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