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FSA Research Update

Thank you for your interest in my research on family scapegoating. My book, Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed, is the product of my research on what I named family scapegoating abuse (FSA) while serving as Core Faculty within the MACP graduate programs at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA).

My latest research project on FSA includes qualitative data gained from a three-year international study of scapegoated children and adult children – I thank all of you who participated in this study; this research study is now closed. I will be sharing the results in an upcoming book that documents the damaging effects of family scapegoating abuse (FSA). To be alerted to the release of this book, subscribe to the FSA Education email list.

Rebecca C. Mandeville, LMFT, CCTP

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