FSA Recovery Coaching Services

Important: Please be advised that my FSA Recovery Consultations are NOT an insurance reimbursable service nationally or internationally, unless your insurer covers ‘Life Coaching’ services from a U.S. provider.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: My FSA Recovery Coaching practice is currently FULL. The average wait time is 9 – 12 months but could be longer as I am now semi-retired. If you’d like to be placed on the waiting list, please write ‘WAITING LIST’ as the subject matter in the Contact Form near the bottom of this page. I recommend that you read my book on family scapegoating abuse (FSA) first as this will help you to determine if you are a good fit for my coaching services.

Check out my FSA Recovery YouTube channel, BEYOND FAMILY SCAPEGOATING ABUSE

You’ll hear me discuss the same topics and concepts related to family scapegoating that I share with my FSA Recovery Coaching clients.


FSA Recovery Coaching Rate: $175.00 per 50-minute session. You will be required to complete an FSA Intake Form prior to our meeting. Sessions are weekly. Most clients experience significant positive life changes within the first six months.

ATTENTION: If you are ‘triggered’ when talking about family members and/or do not want to discuss details of being scapegoated, then my consultation services may not be right for you and trauma-informed psychotherapy with an emphasis on recovering from C-PTSD symptoms may be more helpful. Alternatively, if you are in a crisis situation, a one-time consultation will not provide you with an appropriate level of support.

What Equipment Will I Need To Meet Online?

Through audio and video over the internet, you can meet with me on-the-go from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device (iOS or Android) – it’s your choice!

The secure online platform I use allows us to connect anywhere with convenient appointments that save you time and hassle. There’s no need to deal with traffic when you can schedule and attend your appointments directly from a laptop or mobile device. (Note: To use a smartphone, you must first download Telehealth by SimplePractice – available for iOS or Android in the app store.)

You will also need an internet connection that is at least 10mbps. For optimal results, a reliable, high-speed internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 mbps will minimize connection issues and provide the best quality.

Contact me via the form below to be included on my Waiting List:

*Experienced and comfortable working with high profile figures and understand the unique challenges such clients face.

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    Thank you for reaching out. I will be in touch when an opening comes up on my wait list.

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    About Rebecca

    Rebecca C. Mandeville, MFT, is an internationally recognized Family Systems expert, clinician, and educator. She is also the author of Rejected, Shamed, and Blamed, featuring her pioneering work on what she named Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA). Rebecca has been serving clients in her private practice as a trauma-informed Psychotherapist and Recovery Coach since 2006. She specializes in transpersonal approaches to healing and helping ‘Adult Survivors’ recover from the negative effects of being raised in dysfunctional / abusive family systems.

    Rebecca completed her research on Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA) while serving as Core Faculty at the world-renowned Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, where she taught graduate courses in Family Systems, Cross-Cultural Competence, and recovering from Addiction. Today Rebecca focuses on helping family scapegoating abuse survivors navigate the unique challenges they face via her online practice and written offerings.

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