About Rebecca

Rebecca C. Mandeville, MFT, specializes in recovering from the negative effects of being raised in dysfunctional / abusive family systems. She served as Core Faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and is a pioneer in defining and describing what she named (for research purposes) Family Scapegoat Abuse (FSA). Today she focuses on helping family scapegoat abuse survivors navigate the unique challenges they face.

Rebecca works with clients online via a secure video platform as a Counselor and Childhood Trauma Recovery Life Coach. You may email her at scapegoatrecovery@gmail.com to set up your free online (video) consultation to see if her counseling or coaching services are right for you. To follow Rebecca on Facebook visit Family Scapegoat Recovery. You may also visit Rebecca’s website to learn more about Family Scapegoat Abuse and access resources, including an introductory eBook on FSA.

When not seeing clients in her counseling and coaching practices, Rebecca finds inspiration for compassionate living by spending time in nature and caring for her family of animals.