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The FSA Newsletter Is Moving to Substack! Enjoy Ad-Free Access, Subscriber Upgrades, and Community Features

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Due to a technical glitch I have not been able to resolve, I am no longer able to email my articles out to subscribers from WordPress. My hope is that some of you will visit my blog and find my post to you here. If you’d like to receive all of my new content that I plan to distribute via the Substack platform, you will need to subscribe to my Substack website, ​Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA) Education​, as a free or paid subscriber (details on this, below).

Why I’m making this move to Substack:

Substack Home Page
Home page of my Community and Multi-Media Content-Focused Substack Site
  1. To resume and improve email deliverability: I’ve had reports that many of my WordPress generated emails are going to subscribers’ ‘Spam’ or ‘Promotions’ folder, for example. And as mentioned above, as of this week, I have not been able to successfully email out my posts to subscribers at all.
  2. To provide a more private environment for more sensitive content and offer paid subscribers a place to connect with other FSA adult survivors via Chat and Discussion threads, ‘live’ community events, etc.
  3. To consolidate my FSA multi-media content so that it is all in one place on a platform with Newsletter, Video, and Community features such as discussion threads and live chat (something many of my blog and YouTube subscribers have been requesting).
  4. To provide an ad-free experience when accessing my content (both articles and videos – I also may launch a podcast with a colleague down the road and Substack allows me to share through all of these media forms) via the Substack app..
  5. To offer subscription upgrades with attendant benefits: I have had many social media followers ask how they can monetarily support my ongoing efforts to educate the public on Family Scapegoating Abuse (FSA) and its effects. This Substack site will allow them to do that via paid subscription tiers (with ‘perks’) that I am now able to offer.
  6. To work around ‘ad suitability’ challenges related to the term Family Scapegoating Abuse: As some of my YouTube subscribers already know, my videos are considered “unsuitable” for advertisers due to the fact I am discussing ‘family abuse’ and “family” is a sacred cow in most cultures. I must therefore ‘appeal’ YouTube’s ‘Ad Suitability’ ruling every time I post a video in order to monetize it, which interferes with my release dates. I am able to post videos on Substack and can present material that may be more sensitive and/or non-algorithm friendly without facing these types of limitations.

Subscribing to my Substack is free

On the free subscription plan, you’ll receive articles and blog posts from me as usual and have full access to my article archives on Substack.

If you choose to support my FSA work and Substack site as a paid subscriber, you’ll have access to unique multi-media content I don’t post anywhere else. You’ll also be able to participate in community-wide FSA-related Discussions and pre-scheduled live Chats, including Q & A sessions that I’ll schedule in advance to accommodate as many of our international subscribers as possible. These features offer paid subscribers a more private space to connect with other FSA adult survivors in, something many of my followers have been requesting for quite some time.

For those of you who would like access to Community features on my Substack as a paid subscriber: Substack uses Stripe to process their credit cards. If you are in the EU, you may also be shown options to the right of ‘Card’ inviting you to use iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort, SEPA direct (Substack is testing this out right now so not everyone will see this). Because Stripe’s Radar Fraud service is a tad over-reactive, I am also able to process an annual subscription through Paypal – Just email my assistant April Jennings and she’ll process your subscription for you on our end.

Your thoughtful contributions help to cover costs related to my ongoing research on FSA as well as publicizing my findings world-wide. Learn more about the impact my FSA research is having internationally.

If after subscribing to my Substack you can’t find the (double opt-in) subscription confirmation email, check your ‘All Mail’ or Spam or Promotions tabs, and then move the confirmation email to your primary inbox.


Thanks again for having been a subscriber through WordPress, and please consider letting others know about my presence on Substack and my work to publicize the devastating impact of Family Scapegoating Abuse!

Rebecca C. Mandeville, LMFT, CCTP


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