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Family Scapegoat Abuse Signs & Symptoms – eBook

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This exclusive website store edition contains an additional 10-page section on recovering from Family Scapegoat Abuse not included at other online stores!

A licensed Family Systems expert explores the ‘identified’ patient’ family role (aka ‘scapegoat’ or ‘black sheep’) and the signs and symptoms commonly exhibited by the targeted family member (including Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

In this 50-page PDF-style eBook, Rebecca C. Mandeville, MFT, discusses the invisible wounds of the Family Scapegoat that are specific to what the author terms family scapegoat abuse (FSA) – a specific type of psycho-emotional abuse warranting special considerations beyond the umbrella of ‘narcissistic abuse’.

The author’s research-based Family Scapegoat Abuse (FSA) Self-Test is included – also suitable for clinicians evaluating and assessing vulnerable clients. on the targeted family member.

(2nd Edition – Includes new material).

Review (from Facebook): “Excellent and informative. I’m so glad I came across your existence. Your material and insight is changing my life. Thank you so much. Great read. First 50 page ebook I’ve read and completed in one sitting” -J.H.

R.C. Mandeville is a licensed Clinician, Trauma-Informed Life Coach, and Family Systems expert. She is a pioneer in identifying, defining, describing, and bringing attention to Family Scapegoat Abuse (FSA). She is also the creator of the Scapegoat Recovery Life Coaching Process™. She is currently authoring a book on Family Scapegoat Recovery, which will be released in 2020, and has an 'Expert' blog on Psych Central ('Scapegoat Recovery').

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